Second Regional Competition – Brisbane Cali Competition

First Regional Competition of the year 2017
August 1, 2017
Ekka 2017!
August 22, 2017

What an awesome weekend we have had at the first Brisbane Cali Competition! Congratulations to every competitor who took the stage – such awesome performames across all age groups!
Our RCCDS Tinies, Subbies, Juniors, Seniors and Master all performed beautifully we are so proud of you all!

Tinies – 2nd March, 3rd Freearm, 4th Rods, 2nd Aesthetics, 2nd Character Folk
Subbies – 5th March, 5th Clubs, 4th Freearm, 5th Rods
Juniors – 4 th March, 5 th Clubs, 5 th Aesthertics, 4 th Dance Arrangement
Seniors – 1st March, 2nd Clubs, 1st Freearm, 1st Rods, 1st Aesthetics, 1st Revue
Masters – 2 nd March, 4 th Clubs, 2 nd Freearm, 3 rd Rods, 4 th Aesthetics, 2 nd Revue